Sunday, 22 August 2010

Here I go Again......

I keep complaining that there are not enough hours in the day, but what can I expect when I'm jumping (not literally!!) from 1 project to another. If you have seen my cards designs on my other blog
and also my Digital Designs for my Electronic Cutter
as well as a part owner of a forum dedicated to using Inkcape for Electronic cutters no wonder the hours seem short.

Luckily for me after being Unemployed for 14th months , I now have a Part Time job that is 10 mins away from home and loving it because I get to come home and play with my computer.

So I decided I wanted to try and design my own Printing sheets to add to the CUPS website, and its not as simple as I thought it would be; then 1 day when I was looking for help on the CUPS forum someone mentioned a FREE 3D programme called DAZ 3D Studio.

So off I went and downloaded the programme and I'm still playing and learning and no nearer to designing my own renderings, but I will get there; and considering that I've been playing since 6th June 2010 you will be able to see I can say
 "You've come a long way Baby"...........

I promise to try and remember to credit all the Designers Rendering that I used....(Don't know if I'm using the right terminology, but for all plain speakers out there I mean the Images)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the picture show............

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